welcome, to where anything can happen
who do you like though?

:x secrets secrets are so much more fun

if you decide not to tell anyone

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slowmotion tattoo (x)


Here’s Hyde to cleanse the negativity from your blog and dash.

And cover up the scent of that dank ass weed



My weakness. I love/melt when a girl put her hand on my thigh while I’m driving

Same omg


It’s just Monday.
You're welcome ☺️ you are just all around cute

(: gosh idk how to take all the compliments at one time

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I have such a cheeky smile.. and I always look stoned out of my face
Said it last year and i'll say it again.. I still think you would be the most perfect girlfriend ever.. You seem like a very affectionate person with such a gentle soul (sorry if that sounds weird) and you are a very gorgeous person :)

you’re just a wonderful person, thank youu. I get to see myself as a wonderful person people can feel comfortable being around

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Your little smirk is the cutest thing ever

😏thanks ma

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Hi sorry if this is weird but your selfies always pop up on my dash and I feel like it's a disservice not to mention how cute you are. Anyway, carry on with your day!

πŸ™ˆgosh you just made me smile!! thank you for your kind words sweetheart

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